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  • Interesting Places to see around Odisha

    A state pride flourishes and blooms out from its diverse culture and heritage, variant traditions, exquisite delicacies and like the feather on the cap at the top its places to explore make a place a perfect holiday destination for a man consumed by wanderlust. And what if your state is blessed to have all the above and stands out of the crowd. The geographical location of this eastern state of India surrounded by magnificent mountain ranges, Ghats, seas shores in its vicinity, green meadows all around and placid water bodies makes it a perfect destination for a holiday trip to plan in your bucket list.

    Puri, one of India’s four holy Char Dhams, is a bustling city that one can’t help but fall in love with. Many people visit this location daily in search of Lord Jagannath’s blessings and are charmed by the temple’s architecture. Among the must-do activities are indulging in the flavorful and soulful Maha Prasad and taking a holy plunge in mahodadhi, the unpolluted beach along the coast. Another aspect of our vacation to Puri is enjoying the Sea food. Missing out on a trip to one of the upscale seaside resorts would be a grave mistake.

    Top Places: Shree Jagannath Temple, Konark, Chilika (Satpada), Kakatpur, Alarnath, Sakhigopal , Kuruma, Chaurasi, Biswanath Hill, Raghurajpur, Baliharchandi, Ramachandi, Pipili, Beleswar, Jahania Pira

    A break from the busy schedule can be planned taking a ride along the marine drive amidst villages, coconut trees, farmlands, cool breeze, backed by palm forests, trees on either side of the road standing tall which adds peace of mind.5 hours or less is enough to make you fall in love with the places. When the ride is along the seashores of Ramchandi and Beleshwar it gives a nerve tickling experience and one would enjoy the fullest. Strolls along this seaside would give you a feeling of bliss and rejuvenate oneself. Indulge yourself in several sea sports like Motorsports and surfing. kite surfing is in the rising demand of the beach along with parachute gliding and water skiing. Don’t miss a chance to take this ride of joy.

    Along the Puri coastline, we reach the 13th century intricate designed and the best architecture of ancient Odisha KONARK – THE SUN TEMPLE. In praise of sun god, the temple stands to the best its beauty in spite of the various effects of nature’s ruin. The temple is magnificently carved with exotic sculptures and with Ashoka’s architecture. The place fits as the best place to pose for taking away the memories of the best ancient Odisha. A soothing stroll along immaculate Chandrabhaga beach to get the site of the beautiful sunset would be the most rejoicing.

    Top Places: Beleswar Temple, Ramachandi Temple & Beach, Chandrabhaga Beach, Kuruma, Astaranga Beach, Varahi Devi Temple – Chaurasi, Maa Mangala Temple – Kakatpur.

    Chilika the jewel of Odisha is the largest brackish water lagoons extended in an area of 1000sqkm. The bluish glassy placid lake is known as the bird sanctuary as it gives shelter to many migratory birds to hibernate and the view is enthralling when taken a boat ride through the lake for bird watching and a must to take a click for a nature lover or anyone who would get lost in this beauty. An early morning visit makes one feel lucky seeing the Irrawaddy dolphins soaring up. A stay at Swosti resort with finger-licking coastal delicacies, a boat sail, and random clicks play a perfect combination.

    Top Places (Islands): Sanakuda, Badakuda, Honeymoon Island, Kalijai Hill, Nalbana, Nuapara, Berahpura, Phulbari, Parikud, Kanthapantha, Tampara

    Gopalpur also is known as Brahmapur in the southern coastline of Odisha is well known for its commercial purpose. Best quality silk and the other agricultural products are the products of commerce. 15 km unwinding from the city woes lies the almost pure and perfect languorous beach of Gopalpur with coconut groves and casuarinas. The beach once served a greater trading center. It can be said secluded as well as it is a lesser-known destination. A must-to-do list includes a visit to the lighthouse at the seashore for a better view of the sea and the horizon mingling and experiencing the tongue-tickling seafood snacks in the evening near the sea and enjoying the high waves at night dipping your feet in the same.

    Top Places: Lighthouse, Dhabaleswar Beach, Old Jetty, Tampara Lake, Taratarini Temple

    Bhitarkanika, A National Park and a Wildlife Sanctuary located in the northeastern part of Odisha covered with saline lush green mangroves and the boat rides along the coastline is something that a wildlife lover craves for. A home to saltwater crocodiles, Indian python, king cobra, black ibis and many other species of flora and fauna is the specialty of this ecosystem. The resorts nearby to relax and when seafood is in your mind is a must stay option and enjoy the cuisine.

    Raghurajpur, located out of the Puri district fetches a lot of tourists for its peaceful rural ambiance and is the origin of the heritage of Odisha. The Pattachitra painting which has got its fame worldwide and has become a showpiece in the living room of anyone who visits it once. The paper mache toys and the terracotta handicrafts are the main attraction that every visitor would pick one out of love for a keepsake. A shopper stop for one who is fond of art and craft popularly handicraft is a must to visit plan for them.

    The wall hangings which enhances the beauty of the walls besides showing the ancient Jagannath culture of Odisha. Pipli Applique has got its recognization worldwide and is a must to buy option which as its that appealing. Happiness emerges only when you see the technique of working passing to the next generations by conducting workshops which would be fun for one who wants to visit the place. However, the tradition and the heritage is the one which is shown in the fabric and to be known it has got Geographical Indication by govt of India.

    Want to feel the heaven, then step down to Koraput which has its beauty enriched within itself a valley and the hill station the alluring number of nature lovers.Rides along the ghats with scenic beauty that captivates any heart and rejuvenates one. Apart from that lie here the originality of Odisha the tribal culture and the tribes with there fairs and ancient culture and their dance forms. The tribal artforms are kept in tribal museums, Gupteshwar temple – the self-originated linga, and surrounded by tremendous fresh moonlit waterfalls all around, Kolab dam is the beauty enhancer of the place built over the Kerandi river, and Deomali stands as the highest peak of the eastern ghats are amongst the curiosity. The heaven welcomes one with fog capped mountains and the temperature of the place is always below the soaring line. The most favorable tie to pay a visit is scorching summer as here the temperature would make you feel relaxed and rejoiced.

    Top Places: Tribal Museum Koraput, Balda Cave, Raja Cave & Balmiki Ashram, Parab, Onukadelli, Nandapur, Subai, Jeypore, Kanta Baunsunni Damanjodi, Dumuriput, Kolab, Jolaput, Sunabeda, Gulmi, Kechela, Machhkund (Duduma), Deomali, Gupteswar, Sabar Sreekhetra, Raisil, Maliguda

    Adding immense beauty from all the geographical directions western Odisha cannot be left at bay. One day or half a day is more than enough to make love with this place. The surreal roads surrounded by green meadows, cliffs, clear blue sky and the melodious chirping of birds are perfect for a welcome. Staring from the historical dam over Mahanadi – The Hirakud Dam, The Mysterious leaning Huma temple, the enshrined deity Maa Samalai, and the temple of bells – Ghanteswari temple are some of the major attractions to pay a visit.

    Top Places: Hirakud Dam, Ghanteswari Temple, Gudguda Waterfall, Huma, the Leaning Temple of Lord Shiva, Samaleswari Temple.

    Coined its name from the large number of red silk trees growing in the area is the 7th largest national park in India. Located in the Mayurbhanj district it is the habitat of our national animal Bengal Tiger and is known for the Mayurbhanj Elephant Reserve. Always sighting waterfalls is the best part of trips so it has 2 best waterfalls, like Joranda and Barehipani. The flora spreads a pleasant smell all around and is the best place for all age groups to hangout.

    Top Places: Places of tourist interest inside the park: Gurguria, Chahala, Barehipani, Joranda, Nawana
    Places of tourist interest outside the park: Ramatirtha, Sitakund, Lulung, Deokund, Khiching, Bhimkund

    Unravel the beauty with the rising sun. Curbing the scorching summer in this god gifted hill station known as the Kashmir of Odisha. Lined up with the coniferous pine trees, the ethereal hues of the waterfalls, the hill station of eastern Odisha is a perfect holiday destination. Resorts are mushrooming now and are adding more beauty to the place. Sometimes in the winters the temperatures sores down in minus and a thin layer of snowfall is also experienced and that it makes a perfect place for a summer holiday trip as the mercury is at its top everywhere.

    Top Places: Doluri River, Putudi Waterfalls, Dasingbadi waterfalls, Badangia waterfalls, Dadubada Paradise, Kirikuti Picnic ground, Ludu waterfalls, Herbal garden Picnic ground, coffee plantation, black pepper and turmeric gardens, Duluri Picnic ground, Hill view Park, Nature Park, Herbal medicinal plants, Belghar Sanctuary, Kotagarh Sanctuary

    With the unexplored aura of this smart city, people visit here to make them lost in their own beauty. A relaxed ride via road makes feel the best of Rourkela. When one visits the Hanuman Vatika, the Vaishno Devi temple, Khandadhar waterfall the natural wonders leave its own imprint in the hearts of visitors. Along with these all the best succulent bud enhancing delicacies and shopping malls are amongst the first choice that snuggles into a visitor’s mind.

    Top Places: Hanuman Vatika, Indira Gandhi Park, Mandira Dam, Vedvyas Temple, Vaishnodevi Temple, PitaMahal Dam, Deer Park, Hill Top Chowk, Rani Sati Temple, Ispat Nehru Park, Maa Tarini Temple

    The sunset view at this shoreline is a perfect place to relish the natural beauty and solitude. A picture-perfect place with glassy seawater and gushing sound of the waves is something one should get tranquilized at any cost. A must to do thing includes diving into the blue water and watching the olive ridley hatching. An offbeat place that will make for a great getaway to end the trip. Hence after such a tremendous trip as quoted when the end is well all is well. Let’s end this joyful trip with the sweet that has got its geographical indication all throughout the world Pahala Rasogolla. Odisha is incredible.

    The name Nandan Kanan refers to garden of pleasure. Nandan Kanan is a combination of zoo, sanctuary and botanical garden. It is located 20 kms from Bhubaneswar amidst the splendid surroundings of the Chandaka Forest. It has got the company of the rippling waters of the Kanjia Lake. You will also get to see several endangered species that are well protected within the wildlife sanctuary and zoo of Nandan Kanan. These species consist of three categories of Indian Crocodiles, Lion tailed Macaque, Asiatic Lion, Nilgiri Langur, Mouse Deer and Indian Pangolin. There are numerous species of birds (81), fishes as well as reptiles within the Nandan Kanan Wildlife Sanctuary in Orissa, India that will keep you engrossed. Nandan Kanan Wildlife Sanctuary of Orissa plays home to more than a few white tigers. You can go on safaris to the Nandan Kanan Wildlife Sanctuary to see these rare white tigers and some majestic Asiatic lions who roam freely in their natural habitats. So, if you want to view all these and more, come to Nandan Kanan Wildlife Sanctuary, Orissa during your Tour to Orissa.

    Anciant & Religious Orissa

    Duration : 4 Night / 5 Days
    Places Covered : Bhubneshwar, Puri, Konark
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    Ancient, Religious, Nature of Orissa

    Duration : 6 Night / 7 Days
    Places Covered : Bhubneshwar, Puri, Konark, Chilka Lake, NandanKannan wild life Sanctuary
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