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Amit Shah

Amit Shah

Group Founder & Director

With an illustrious career spanning over 27 years in the Travel and Tourism industry, our visionary founder possesses an exceptional legacy of achievement. His journey began with a remarkable 14-year tenure at Jet Airways, where he held pivotal leadership roles, including serving as the UK Head for a range of vital departments such as Reservations, Call Centre Operations, Revenue Management, Pricing Strategies, and Airport Services. 

These responsibilities were based out of the bustling hub of London, a testament to his global perspective and leadership prowess.

Throughout his tenure at Jet Airways, he not only mastered the intricacies of airline operations but also cultivated an extensive network of industry contacts and an unparalleled depth of expertise. His dedication to excellence and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction earned him a reputation as a luminary in the aviation industry.

Today, as a highly successful entrepreneur, he has translated his wealth of experience, remarkable networking skills, and keen business acumen into the foundation of seven thriving companies. Each venture reflects his unique ability to turn every opportunity he touches into gold.

As the driving force behind FlightPath Travel, his vision is to redefine travel experiences, combining the best of his industry knowledge with a passion for personalized service. 

Under his leadership, FlightPath Travel has emerged as a beacon of excellence, committed to providing travellers with unforgettable journeys, exceptional service, and the promise of turning travel dreams into reality. His unwavering dedication continues to guide our journey toward even greater heights in travel and tourism.